Residential Solar Water Heating

Residential Solar Water Heating


Residential Incentives:

  • Residential Solar Water HeatingResidential properties qualify for California rebates!
  • Break Even In Under 4 Years
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Local Utility Rebates
  • Increased Property Value
  • Works on Cloudy Days
  • Control your energy costs
  • Reduce Electricity or Gas Bills
  • Eliminate future utility rate hikes
  • Protect the environment

Solar Heating Applications

Five Star Solar hot-water systems can be used for both space heating and water heating. A Residential home that uses large quantities of hot water may see an immediate decrease in total monthly energy costs. Residential and Multi-Family homes that enjoy the best return on a solar hot-water investment are those with consistent, year-round hot-water needs, such as:

  • Solar Heating ApplicationsLaundry: 2+ Loads a Week
  • Showers/Bath: 4+ A Week
  • Dishwasher: 2+ Loads a Week
  • Children/Teen/Adult: 2+
  • Electric/ Gas: Heated pools
  • Electric/Gas: Water Heater
  • Home’s That Are Two Stories
  • Non Insulated Hot Water Pipes

Five Star Solar hot water systems are extremely efficient, providing up to 75% of a home’s annual hot water needs. Also, solar hot water isn’t just for personal use anymore. Five Star Solar offers systems for space heating, pool heating, and through advanced technologies, Residential potable water heating. Solar hot water has proven that it’s efficient and reliable. In fact, solar hot water has been used in different ways for hundreds of years. Today, solar hot water technologies have evolved into systems that perform extremely well in all climates. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that over 1 million U.S. homes have had a solar hot water system installed.

Five Star Solar Difference – How Does It Work?

solar electric environmental benefitsThe solar domestic hot water system is designed to efficiently take full advantage of the sun’s radiant energy to heat your hot water. The system is comprised of solar collectors and an automatic control unit that work together to create a reliable and carefree hot water heating system.

Environmental Benefits

Five Star Solar systems produce pollution-free energy for water heating, which helps offset the environmental costs of other heating fuels.

Every square foot of a solar collector reduces net carbon dioxide by more than 23 pounds each year the system operates.

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